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On-site support.

  4 hour to site 24/7 support for your wireless network, Maximizing up-time
Next working day support for cost effective support

Network monitoring.

We are able to offer active monitoring of your network to give you a full hands off service. Using our SNMP network manger we can instantly see any alarms on your network and react accordingly. Proactive monitoring of key parameters can indicate the need for  pre-emptive planned maintenance avoiding costly unplanned network outages.


We can keep your spares at our secure holding area giving our engineers 24 hour access to everything needed to get your network up and running. We can also offer access to our "virtual spares" service where you rent access to our spares service. This is a cost effective solution for smaller networks


We are able to arrange the repair and return of any faulty equipment from your network giving you the ability to focus on what’s important to you. DCN manage the whole activity returning the faulty module  to the manufacture or a third party (for equipment no longer supported by the manufacturer) for repair and returned to a location of your desire.  

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